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What Can I Do With An Exercise Science Degree?

To learn more about the integrative exercise science degree program at Hiram, visit our program page. If you have any questions about the program, you can contact our faculty and staff. The Exercise Science Program integrates hands-on learning experiences in several courses. In addition to an individualized program of study concentration that can be designed by the student and their advisor to align with graduate school and career goals, students in this program can focus on the following concentrations. This CUKC degree prepares students to become highly skilled professionals who specialize in designing and implementing safe, effective exercise programs. Students receive hands-on instruction and gain practical experience through campus lab experiences, in class, and the field through a nine-hour internship.

In addition to comprehensive classroom work, the program will have a strong emphasis on practical skills and experiential learning, including patient and client interaction, to prepare you for a career in healthcare and health-related services. The Exercise Science Clinical Option gives students the confidence and skills necessary to educate, transform and inspire people to live healthier lives through the study of the body’s response to exercise. With a strong foundation in the sciences, the curriculum prepares students for the capstone senior clinical practicum in a cardiopulmonary rehabilitation setting or a private or corporate fitness center. On completion, students are prepared to take certification examinations by the American College of Sports Medicine or the National Strength and Conditioning Association. The Exercise and Fitness Management option is an interdisciplinary degree that integrates exercise, nutrition, public health, and business courses.

Are you passionate about helping others, and knowledgeable in the fields of health and science? If so, you might be interested in the integrative exercise science program at Hiram College. In Exercise Science at Centenary University provides students with an in-depth knowledge of physiology, exercise and human performance in the advancement of wellness education and healthy lifestyles.

Many key concepts will be carried over from BIOL 120 (A&P 1) focusing on the integration of all systems. For those in health fields, this information will serve as the foundation for most of your courses. The coursework in this track option will provide students with a strong scientific foundation related to the physiological benefits of exercise and the deleterious effects of physical inactivity. The Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science degree at Emory & Henry offers two initial track options, both of which will include classroom, laboratory, and clinical internship experiences. Yes, Coursera provides financial aid to learners who cannot afford the fee.

Any exercise science degree will provide some education on strength and conditioning, but the certification will ensure that you have the specialized knowledge needed to work as a strength and conditioning coach. If you’d prefer a broader certification, the NSCA can also certify you as a personal trainer. Physical Therapy Assistant or Rehabilitation Tech – This is a great career to go into if you’d like to eventually become a physical therapist. With a degree in exercise science, you can work alongside a physical therapist or rehabilitation specialist helping ensure that patients follow prescribed exercise routines. Usually, a physical therapist prescribes the exercise routines, and a physical therapy assistant can then work directly with the patient.

In exercise science dives into physiology – ­ the study of how the human body works. Physiology means learning all about the chemistry and physics of essential body functions, from how molecules behave in cells to how the body’s systems of organs, muscles, and ligaments work together. The NSCA also offers certification in tactical strength and conditioning. This certification will prepare you to apply your fitness knowledge to the physical training of military personnel, police officers, fire and rescue personnel, and other first responders. And if you want to work with special populations like people with certain health conditions, becoming certified as a Special Population Specialist can prepare you for the job you want.

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