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Training & Sport Science

Bachelor Of Health Science Sport And Exercise Science

After this, we may use this information in order to compare initial enquiries to application and enrol data, and to understand the effectiveness of different marketing activities. You can find out more about this in the University’s privacy statement here. You’ll develop a critical understanding of nutritional strategies to help athletes adapt to training and improve performance. Develop competency in advanced conditioning techniques and understand the skills needed to become a UKSCA accredited coach. Look at how the sport sciences can work together to help improve athletes. You’ll develop an understanding of the interplay between health and the human behaviours .

Students will also live on the same floor of a residence hall with other Exercise Science students and will benefit from peer engagement, faculty mentorship, and experiential learning opportunities. The non- teaching major prepares highly effective and reflective young professionals with instructional techniques and skills to work with all age groups. Students graduating from this program are prepared to seek careers in youth activity programs, recreation, corporate fitness and sport-related commercial fields. This career involves working with elite athletes and their coaches in areas of testing and training to improve performance. Sports Scientists often major in specific disciplines such as physiology, nutrition, biomechanics, psychology and skill acquisition.

Obtain work experience and make informed career choices through internships of a semester or more in length. 100% of the students who applied for graduate assistantships or research fellowships were awarded them. How this data will be usedWe will use the information you have given us here to complete this request.

Exercise science graduates find success in careers as athletic trainers, personal trainers, fitness managers, coaches, physicians, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation specialists, physical and occupational therapists, and much more. This strategic partnership will provide an avenue for a quality educational experience for SBU students wishing to pursue athletic training certification. The Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education requires a graduate degree for athletic training certification, effective in 2022.

While exercise science and athletic training are also related fields, they differ in focus and career opportunities. While graduates with kinesiology and athletic training degrees may work in the same settings as individuals with exercise science degrees, the responsibilities of their roles vary. Exercise science is the study of how the human body responds to physical exercise. It draws on various disciplines, including biomechanics, sports nutrition, behavioral strategies, exercise program design, and sport psychology.

Through Houghton’s exercise science program, you will be able to apply critical analysis and hands-on experiences to evaluate health concerns and fitness-related injuries. You will engage in knowledgeable and respectful discussion of policies and procedures, including the particular challenges and opportunities of rural and age-appropriate approaches to exercise science. An exercise science degree — either a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree — can prepare individuals for a successful career in the fitness and health industry. The following sections provide information about requirements, coursework, and career options for each type of exercise science degree. The minimum education level for a strength and conditioning coach is a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology or related field.

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