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Exercise Science Degree Careers, Jobs And Salaries

From one of our many registered student organizations, to Campus Life events, to the Center for Diversity & Inclusion, there’s something for everyone at AQ. Student leaders in the SCC Fitness & Nutrition club are involved in promoting Exercise is Medicine at SCC. These students also gain valuable experiences with performing fitness assessment, program design, and hands-on personal training.

The Pre-Professional major is designed to ensure that the student has most, if not all, of the required courses to enter a graduate program upon completion of the BS degree. As each graduate program requires slightly different entry requirements, students are strongly encouraged to work with their advisor to ensure that all requirements are completed upon graduation. Students should identify potential graduate schools by the end of their sophomore year to ensure adequate time to complete required courses. In Exercise Science degree also provides students with the skills and experiential learning to take a certification exam and begin a career in health and wellness, fitness and training. Students graduating from the exercise science program are eligible to apply for certification as a fitness trainer , performance enhancement specialist, strength and conditioning coach, and exercise physiologist. The proposed course sequence is specifically designed to serve as the foundational degree to meet the application requirements for multiple advanced degrees, including Master of Athletic Training program and Doctor of Physical Therapy program.

“I didn’t want to be just a number in a large lecture hall,” she says. “I wanted a small college that would give me a home away from home” where she could know faculty and staff personally. Outstanding alumni success, satisfaction, and 100% recent graduate placement. If salary is the driving factor behind your decision to work in the fitness career, then there are a wide variety of payscales within the industry. Entry-level fitness trainers can make around $39,000, while being the CEO of a gym chain can net an average salary of $1-5 million. The medium annual wages for exercise physiologists was $49,170 in 2019.

Since exercise science is a relatively broad degree, it doesn’t usually involve the same concentration of science courses as kinesiology and physiology degrees do. Areas of study you can choose from include biometrics, exercise physiology, exercise prescription, motor control and sports psychology. This program will also give you the professional skills you need to deliver high-quality care, with 140 hours of work placements. Gain hands on experience in our dedicated exercise and sport science labs. Exercise and sport science are the studies of human movement—from developmental—to psychological perspectives. To be a physical therapist, professional coach, or occupational therapist, you’ll need a deep foundational understanding how the human body works in clinical and nonclinical settings.

Coach salaries vary widely depending on institution type, sport, and how competitive a given team is. For instance, the average pay for a college head basketball coach is just over $40,000, but some of the head coaches of NCAA basketball teams make millions per year. Fitness consultant – If you have an interest in teaching in addition to a degree in exercise science, you might enjoy being a fitness consultant. Once you have experience as a trainer, you may also choose to work with individual clients on a freelance basis. Students with degrees in exercise physiology will often find work as exercise physiologists for sports teams, gyms, government agencies, or colleges. Alternatively, they may go on to pursue master’s or doctoral degrees to become physical therapists or occupational therapists.

The professors in my department were helpful in providing the resources and hands-on experience I needed to succeed. Without their assistance in the exercise science program, I would not have had the quantity and quality of job offers I was fortunate to have upon graduation. They truly cared about not only my education and experiences at William Woods, but what was best for me personally. Exercise science is the study of human movement to optimize exercise, physical activity, and lifestyle management for everyone.

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