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Exercise Science Bachelors Degree

Finally, through partnership with LR’s Solmaz Institute, students have opportunities to investigate issues regarding nutrition, exercise, and childhood obesity. Students interested in the sports health track may elect to complete a sports health concentration instead of one of the recommended minors listed above. This concentration allows students to complete their prerequisites for graduate school while staying on track and graduating on time. The sports health concentration guarantees that students pursuing graduate school will graduate in four years. The sports health concentration is unique to Hiram College and not offered at other Colleges and Universities. Demonstrate professionally aligned content knowledge in the field of exercise science.

Exercise is Medicine is an ACSM campus initiative that encourages 150 minutes of exercise to promote better health & fitness of students on college campuses. You will be introduced to the basic concepts, principles and terminology related to designing and implementing resistance training programs in the field of strength and conditioning. The focus is on practically applying these principles in a one-on-one as well as group setting, including teaching basic resistance training techniques. Opportunities to collaborate with strength and conditioning coaches and human movement specialists from UC and the surrounding community.

The Exercise Science/Pre-Professional major is designed for students pursuing future careers in the research and/or clinical fields. With the proper pre-requisite courses, students may apply to physical therapy, occupational therapy, physician assistant or medical school. Additionally, students will also be prepared for advanced degrees in fields such as exercise physiology, sports psychology, pedagogy, or biomechanics.

Examples of commercial fitness facilities include Gold’s Gym, Anytime Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness, or Crossfit boxes. Corporate fitness facilities are owned by a business, but typically operated by an outside agency. For instance, many federal government offices have a corporate fitness facility. An example of a corporate fitness company is Corporate Fitness Works. Hospital-based fitness facilities may either be on a hospital campus or at a satellite location. They are also known as medical fitness facilities, and often have members who have medically controlled conditions.

The 47,000 square foot center supports the allied health sciences and intercollegiate athletic programs, and features the University’s first on-site anatomy laboratory. Students gain extensive experience working in the laboratory which features the latest equipment for therapy and diagnostics utilized in the field of Exercise Science. Exercise science graduates see themselves as lifetime learners who are fascinated by how the body moves and want to help unlock the mysteries of performance and condition management. With a bachelor of science (B.S.) in exercise science degree, graduates use their knowledge about movement and exercise to support health, improve performance, and prevent disease. National Strength and Conditioning Association – If you want to specialize in strength and conditioning coaching after getting your degree, the NSCA Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification is an excellent credential to pursue.

Whether getting together with friends at an annual event, making a donation or mentoring a student, graduates continue to play an important role in the Western community. Recipients of the Scholarships will be members of the Western Colorado University Honors Program. 6Credits15Total Credits121Western is committed to doing our part to provide each student a clear path to graduation.

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